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A Woman’s Guide to Living Alone: 10 Ways to Survive Grief and Be Happy leads you on a journey to newfound independence. Whether you are single or not, living alone is something most women will face at some time in their lives. Discover how other women faced this challenge and learned to love living alone, such as Joan Rivers, Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, and Nancy Snyderman, medical editor of NBC.

A second chance at life: With the rising divorce rate and the fact that most women outlive their spouses by ten years or more, most of us will live alone at some time in our lives. Learning to live alone is admittedly a difficult journey, but it is a necessary journey in our pursuit of a new life. As political activist and author Liz Carpenter says, “It provides a second chance at life, a new beginning.”


Meredith had the perfect marriage.

For 21 years, she and her husband rarely argued. They were close to their only child, and Meredith’s husband, a wealthy Boca Raton entrepreneur, provided her with a lifestyle of golf, tennis, and trips to Europe.

Then, one day, her husband asked 47-year-old Meredith if he could have an affair with his secretary. Shocked, Meredith adamantly refused.

That night, he moved out and Meredith’s world fell apart.

Like many women who become suddenly single, she wondered why her husband fell out of love with her.

She is not alone. According to experts, middle-aged women are the fastest-growing singles group. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that of women married before 1974, at least 50 percent have experienced divorce or widowhood. This figure is rapidly growing with the maturation of the Baby Boomers.

Losing husbands or lovers is never easy. Some women lose their men by choice; others have their loved ones stolen from them by illness and death. Their stories are painful and full of despair. But, after a time, these women turn a corner, and many discover the joy of living alone.

A Woman's Guide to Living Alone: Ten Ways to Survive Grief and Be Happy serves as a survival guide for these women. It focuses on women 35 and over who have experienced loss and overcome it. Many of these women found themselves suddenly alone. This book reveals what sustained them and brought them through their grief.

Through interviews and testimonials, readers will meet numerous women who were painfully unaware of the demands of living alone. Whether through divorce or death of a partner, these women had to adjust to their new independence. Many started new jobs. They established credit in their own names. And some continued to raise their children by themselves. They stumbled, struggled, and sometimes went hungry. But slowly, they began to rebuild their lives.

This is their story.

Excerpt from A Woman’s Guide to Living Alone: 10 Ways to Survive Grief and Be Happy from

A Woman’s Guide to Living Alone: 10 Ways to Survive Grief and Be Happy
Taylor Publishing, 2001. This book is available online or at all national chain bookstores. Order online from

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